image1The XO/XA Circulating Sleeves provides a way to establish or shut off communication between the tubing and the annulus. Any number of these sleeves may be run in a tubing string, and any or all of them may be opened or closed in one run by standard wireline methods. The XO/XA Circulating Sleeves contains a X Nipple profile above the communication ports and a polished seal bore below them. These sleeves are used for many applications including displacing kill or completion fluid, testing of individual zones, circulation to kill the well, gas lifting the well, and setting a plug in the profile nipple to shut the in the well. The XO Circulating Sleeve opens down and closes up, while the XA Circulating Sleeve closes down and opens up.

  • Pressure tested to 6000 PSI
  • Available XD version which has larger communication ports allowing for twice the flow area between the tubing and annulus
  • Can be made with a Full Bore ID as well as “F”, “R”, and “RN” profiles
  • Model B Shifting Tool is used to open and close the sleeves