The VS1-X HT Single String Double-Grip Production Packer is one of the most versatile packers on the market. This packer is a modification of the AS1-X Packer with the advantage of being able to set on electric line or hydraulically.  With the attachment of a stinger in the top of the packer, it can be lowered in the well and set under pressure. Once set, casing pressure can be bled off in order to run production tubing in well.

The VS1-X HT Packer easily converts to a mechanically set AS1-X HT Packer by removing the shear screws and installing drag blocks. The AS1-X HT Packer set with a quarter right-hand rotation and released with quarter right-hand rotation. It can be left in tension, compression, or neutral.


  • Designed for differential pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • Large internal bypass
  • Sequentially released upper slip system
  • Elastomer options available (includes standard VITON trim)
  • Wireline or tubing set
  • Carbide slips
  • 7K version available for wells with lower pressure
  • Nickel coating available


  1. On/Off Tool, Stinger, and setting equipment sold separately
  2. Requires at least a 30 second burn on the wireline setting tool to ensure
    a proper set.